Has Manny Pacquiao selected his final opponent?


Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has said that his next fight on April 9 will be his last one and he will retire to become a full time politician in his home country. It is said to be believed that Manny has narrowed his choices down to Terence Crawford, Amir Khan and Timothy Bradley.

Andrew John of the Desert Sun is reporting that Pacquiao is expected to choose Bradley over Crawford and Khan due to the fact that Bradley has a “reputable name in the sport” and because of the familiarity he has with him. If you remember, these two have fought two times already, with Bradley earning a controversial (some would say robbery) decision the first time, despite Manny clearly out boxing him for the entire 12 rounds.

The second go around saw more of the same, except Bradley put up a more decent fight the second time. Boxing fans held their breath as the fight went to the cards, scared of yet another robbery, but this time the right victor was announced once the cards were read.

If this is indeed going to be part three of this saga, it may be a little more interesting this time, as Bradley now has Teddy Atlas in his corner and looked to be at the top of his game in his last fight with Brandon Rios. Rios looked slow, out of shape and uninterested in the fight all night, so I guess we will really see if Bradley has improved that much or if Rios was just that bad.


  1. I hope he picks Crawford. Twice he proved he was a better boxer than Bradley. Even if he loses almost everyone will say he won the trilogy 2-1. Manny can help make a new reputable name in the sport fighting Crawford


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